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We understand local small businesses...

Proactive Tax and Accounting team outside business

...because we are one!

I have done a lot of different things in my career and I have worked for businesses of varying sizes. I've been a self-employed freelancer and I've been a tiny cog in an S&P 500 behemoth. But I have always enjoyed working at and with the smaller, local businesses the most. So I am thrilled that my journey has led me to ProActive, a small, local business whose mission is to make life easier for other small, local businesses.

Being "my own boss" has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and it is something I highly recommend to others. If you have a particular talent or passion that you want to turn into your own business, I want to help! I can provide valuable advice all along the way: business formation, the early years, business growth and exit strategy. And the advice I have to offer is not dry recitations from management handbooks; it is based on my own experiences, struggles and successes at ProActive and with dozens of other small businesses. Are you ready to get started?


Tom Porter 

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